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Batala returns in style at the 2022 Notting Hill Carnival

After a 2-year hiatus, we were finally able to bring the Batala Mundo family together to parade in the largest carnival in Europe.

Photo by Geri Edwards

Batala London welcomed more than 200 Mundo players from across the world (Geneva, Poland, USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Netherlands, Austria, Brazil, Greece, all parts of the UK and more) to prepare by revising old and learning new tunes. We were gladiator-like with our sticks and beaters! It was an immense undertaking, achieved by the support of all administrators, music directors, band coordinators and volunteers.

Early on the day of the #nottinghillcarnival2022, we congregated at our allocated meeting point. A mini performance ensued, energising the early crowds and to be honest, startling any sleeping individual in the vicinity - thankfully, who soon threw doors and windows open to take in the sound and we welcomed those eager enough to dance to the rhythm at such hour.

The parade started and the excitement from the group, spectators and any individual in the area, be it in an official capacity or passing through, was immense. You could feel the buzz as crowds lined the streets ... an outpouring of recognising normality, energy and positivity felt at every stage along the route. The Mundo group is still hyped. What an epic weekend had by all.

There were many firsts: Shout out to our newbies in Batala London and others across the world who participated in their first Notting Hill Carnival as well as first time callers. Congratulations to you all - you were awesome.

Now to prepare for 2023.

Photo by Geri Edwards

Batala Hey!

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