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What we do

We've provided drumming performances for a variety of events, including charity races, carnivals, private parties, sporting events, festivals, weddings, and club nights.

We're here to drum for you too!

Drums being held by drummers from torso down.

Private events

Got a birthday party on the horizon? Maybe a special wedding anniversary? Or perhaps it's time to celebrate that hard-earned promotion, or simply revel in the joy of life itself? Look no further! We've got the performance that will leave your guests buzzing with excitement and talking about it for years to come.

Batala at Diwali

Large scale events

The nature and origins of our style of music is to be done in large processions with lots of drummers all together producing an immense musical sound but also jaw-dropping awesome visuals of colour and choreography.


Planning a carnival or festival? We're all in! We'd absolutely love to be a part of it. We can parade down any route you choose, maximizing the reach of our music. Our beats draw genuine excitement and boundless energy from the crowd in no time.



More nuanced is our ability to adapt in size and music style to fit to a very diverse range of opportunities. We have played on stage with rock bands, singers and many other different types of artistes out there. We encourage inclusivity and diversity and  would love the opportunity to work with you.

Batala drums next to a French horn

Below is a short list of the varying type of organisations and events we have supported and continue to support.

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