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Batala Mundo

Giba Goncalves

Formed in Paris in 1997 by renowned musician Giba Goncalves, Batala is a non-profit making international community music project.  All money earned from performances is put back into the band. Drums and costumes are bought direct from source in Salvador, Bahia, and every Batala band wears replica costumes as well as playing the same repertoire.

Originating in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, samba-reggae was created by Neguinho do Samba in the early 1970's, when he fused traditional Brazilian samba rhythms with the styles that he heard from the Jamaican reggae that had entered the Brazilian charts at the time.

Since then, samba-reggae has gone on to become a unique and distinctive sound in north east Brazil and bands such as Ile Aiye, Olodum and Timbalada have gone on to achieve worldwide fame.

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