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Meet the team

Batala London music director calling at an event

Clinton Lane

Music Director / Band Leader

Originating from Liverpool, with cultural heritage from both Nigerian and Guyana, Clinton began his music exploration from just 6 years old. Starting on piano, his passion for music quickly spread into West African drumming and soon after, samba-reggae.  Clinton has progressed from being a fan of the music, to a skilled player and to a position now of Music Director.

Pilar Rowlands

Band Coordinator / Lead Choreographer

From the vibrant city of Rio De Janeiro, Pilar embarked on her artistic journey as an accomplished Latin dancer and a dedicated teacher/choreographer. With a seamless transition, she channeled her skills into the world of samba-reggae dance and percussion. Since 2006, Pilar has been an integral part of the Batala family, expertly handling all aspects of choreography while also taking the lead as the coordinator for communication with event organisers.

Close up of drums

Lucy Petrasso

Band Director

Lucy has been a dedicated member of the Batala family for many years and formed Batala London in 2010 alongside Angus Sutherland and Liam Emerson.

Honourable mention

Batala Paris Logo

Giba Goncalves

Batala Mundo Founding Father

Batala was formed in Paris in 1997 by renowned musician Giba Goncalves; a Brazilian percussionist who has played with Ile Aiye, Jimmy Cliff and Banda Kaoma. Giba studied Composition and Bass Guitar at the Paris Conservatoire. 

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