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Happy 12th Birthday Batala London

Saturday 4 September was Batala London's 12th Anniversary - which we celebrated in style on 16th October at a Brazilian bar and restaurant with live music, traditional dishes and cocktails. We celebrated hard! There were cheers, laughter, singing, dancing, speeches and conversation - all the ingredients for a tremendous evening, only recovering now to share this post.

CONGRATULATIONS BATALA LONDON... Bring on the next 12 years at least


Thank you, all lovely and kind peeps, from the bottom of my heart for such a generous gift and so many kind words on the card. I am touched. Thank you Clinton for organising this. Very thoughtful. I know Lucy super appreciated it too! Everything I do here is driven by you all and your energy... Each one of you is an important part of this beautiful band and I have plenty of love for all of you. Pilar - Band Coordinator

Echoing Pilar's post and just making it very clear that y'all absolutely caught me by surprise the words each of you have put on my thank you card are so individual and personal. I really enjoy what I do and am very passionate about the music. It's what keeps me coming back but you all play a HUGE role in my life both in the band and outside the band! THANK YOU doesn't quite cover it. I appreciate you all! Family forever! Clinton Lane - Music Director
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